It's so easy to stop African children death by waterborne diseases, help us getting 10.000 purifying straws to save more than 10.000 lifes in Mozambique!


Dario B. Angelo

I am a lawyer solicitor and a business man here in Portugal. When I recently became aware of the problems of the water supply in Mozambique (my homeland) where people, especially children, still dying by avoidable waterborne bacteria diseases, I decided it was time to act!


In a partnership with iStraw industries, the producers of the iStraw device to purify contaminated water who agreed to sell it's product at a cheaper price (regular retail price: $33 / price for us: $21), me and my team are reaching the goal of getting 5.000 iStraws to give the UNICEF in Mozambique!

By the way, you can help!

On the left is the iStraw. A 10" straw which can be used by anyone to drink water directlly from a contaminated source virtually anywhere!

Think about young children sharing water with animals, where they also drink and defecate, and all the diseases that can be avoided with this little straw.

On the right we have the iStraw UF Bottle. "UF" means ultra filtration. It's way more expensive, but filters waterborne bacteria AND virus, and it lasts twice as the straw (1.000 liter, or someting like 3 years using a litre a day) . Also it carries water on it, since it's a bottle, and that's a huge advantage. We are doing a strong effort to send Mozambique some of those too.

What are we talking about?

Do you know what will happen soon to each of

these children below after drinking water?

Now please read this

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Drinking water from contaminated sources lead to several death causing diseases, like botulism, cholera, dysentery, typhoid fever, poliomyelitis, and a lot of other diseases long eradicated in the western world.

Nothing, since his water was not taken from a swamp and does not contain harmful waterborne diseases