All African countries have problems on the water, there are millions of people, especially children, suffering with diarrhea and waterborne bacteria diseases, a suffer that often leads to death.


In a report dated three years ago, 2009, UNICEF estimates that 85% to 89% of Mozambique's population drinks ONLY contaminated water. (Click here for the UNICEF report summary, or here for the full report)


It would be easy for us to insert here some pictures of diseased people, but we think that's disrespectful, so we wont do it.

Below you can see a description of the African major diseases caused by waterborne bacteria and/or virus, and note that all of them, ALL, are avoidable with the usage of the iStraw when drinking water .


Dry mouth, blurred and/or double vision, difficulty swallowing, muscle weakness, difficulty breathing, slurred speech, vomiting and sometimes diarrhea. Death is usually caused by respiratory failure.


In severe forms it is known to be one of the most rapidly fatal illnesses known. Symptoms include watery diarrhea, nausea, cramps, nosebleed, rapid pulse, vomiting, and hypovolemic shock, at which point death can occur in 12–18 hours.

Mostly diarrhea. Can cause death in immunocompromised individuals, the very young, and the elderly due to dehydration from prolonged illness

E. Coli infection

Legionnaires’ disease

Legionnaires’ disease has severe symptoms such as fever, chills, pneumonia (with cough that sometimes produces sputum), ataxia, anorexia, muscle aches, malaise and occasionally diarrhea and vomiting

Characterized by sustained fever up to 104ºF (40°C), profuse sweating, diarrhea. Symptoms progress to delirium and the spleen and liver enlarge if untreated. In this case it can last up to four weeks and cause death.

Typhoid fever

Symptoms include delirium, headache, fever, and occasional seizures, and other severe and serious symptoms resulting in paralysis and death


("polio", viral)

Symptoms include fever, myalgia, lethargy, gastrointestinal symptoms, cough, and sore throat, eventually leading to death

S.A.R.S. (viral)

NAME OF DISEASE                                       SYMPTOMS

There are much more diseases, none of them existing in our modern western world.

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